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3. Trinity BowCase
2. Trinity ViolinCase
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detachable handle (for leading the SuitCase) is included. The SuitCase is prepared for the backpack straps.
Backpack straps- for carrying the whole SuitCase on your back - 18 Euro (+ VAT)
Neoprene shoulder straps, rosin pouch and string pocket are included
Music Score Pocket - 9 Euro (+ VAT)
Made of composite material (carbon, glass & jute fiber) -  95 Euro (+ VAT)
Made of ABS-plastic -  75 Euro (+ VAT)
2 leather bow-sheaths & thin shoulder strap (for carrying the BowCase on its own) are included.
The BowCase is, as standard, prepared for use with the SuitCase. The BowCase ordered separately, without the SuitCase, is made without certain mechanical details and can’t be used with the SuitCase.
IMPORTANT: You must add the Strap Attachment System or/and the Soft Neoprene Cover to be able to carry the BowCase together with the ViolinCase.
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Strap System - for attachment to the ViolinCase -  10 Euro (+ VAT)
Soft Neoprene Cover -  for attachment to the ViolinCase & for extra heat/impact protection - 12 Euro (+ VAT)
Accessory Pocket for the BowCase-small (for carrying Kensington Wire Lock, etc.) - 7 Euro (+ VAT)
Accessory Pocket for the BowCase -  large (for carrying shoulder rest, etc.) -  10 Euro (+ VAT)
Bow Sheaths Adaptors for (shorter) historical bows - 1 pair - upgrade- 10 Euro (+ VAT)
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