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Trinity Basic ViolinCase
New model, new material and the new low price.

It’s the  smallest  violin case in the world!  It’s as small as possible on the outside and as big as possible on the inside.  The same shape as our new model of the carbon fiber Trinity ViolinCase Model 2 but, thanks to its cheaper materials, some simpler solutions and only one standard version, we can offer it the for the really low price.  If the composite version of Trinity ViolinCase is too expensive for you, or if you need the case mainly for flying, this Basic version could be a good option for you.  It becomes even more so, if you combine it with our budget models of 2 other parts of our Trinity Set: Basic BowCase (or aluminum Single-Bow Case) and  Trinity SuitCase Basic.
The Trinity Basic ViolinCase shares many of the most important features with  its composite sister.
Weight :  from 1050 g / Total length: 62 cm

It  fits into our cabin-size  Trinity SuitCase, or into our new, simpler and cheaper Trinity Wheeled Bag. 
It accommodates violins of all types and sizes: up to 605 mm length  (without button) and 215 mm width.

The result is a somewhat asymmetric shape, and it is unlike any other case.

Trinity Basic ViolinCase is made of ABS-plastic, reinforced inside with carbon fiber, which results in a very stiff and light shell. ABS plastic is less resilient to impact than carbon composite,  so each Basic ViolinCase comes in its Soft Neoprene Cover, which protects the shell  against an impact (like falling on stairs) and gives a superior humidity and temperature protection.
You can't carry the case without this cover on!
Neoprene is used for diving suites and keeping temperature of hot or cold beverages.

To the Soft Cover you can attach shoulder straps, each model of Trinity BowCase ,  and the  Music Score Pocket .  

You carry the ViolinCase on your back in its cover, but you have to remove the cover to reach your violin. You don't have to use Neoprene Soft Cover when you place ViolinCase inside the Trinity SuitCase, Trinity Wheeled Bag, or the Soft Case for Trinity Case & 2 Trinity BowCases.

The Basic ViolinCase has a  pure and simple internal design , creating enough space even for large violins. 


The full-height partition and  support posts  around the violin neck, the strong inset with a locking elastic in the midsection and virtually indestructible nylon hinges ensure a supreme side impact protection.


The inside is covered with soft, insulating and lightweight felt fabric. Soft sponge points, together with the velcro strap around a neck, keep an instrument gently but firmly in place. By simply adding extra self- adhesive sponges you can adjust the inside to your instrument.  Under violin neck there is a space for your own pocket (f or rosin and other small items), for a  humidifier or a GPS tracker.
When traveling with 2 instruments we now offer an alternative to dragging a big double-case with you: You can take your ordinary single violin/viola case, with all the bows inside, and carry your 2nd violin in the handy Trinity Basic ViolinCase.  You can also use your entire Trinity Set (with a ViolinCase in the SuitCase or  Wheeled Bag ) and carry an ordinary violin case (or another Trinity ViolinCase) on your back.   The Basic ViolinCase can also serve as an extra  transport protector when sending a violin with a courier  , etc.
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