The standard shell is made of robust carbon-glass fiber composite, reinforced with an aluminum & carbon fiber “spine”.
We offer versions in jute-carbon fiber as well.
Weight: from 0.4 kg
Outside dimensions: 82 x 8 x 2 cm
The Trinity ViolinCase has, due to its minimal size, has no space for bows. That’s why we created the Trinity BowCase.
The case opens only at one end, which makes it very rigid and strong.
There are 2 separate compartments for bows of any possible size and type.
The thin, smooth, yet robust polyethylene sheath around the bow, prevents any friction with the case - no risk of damaging or wearing out the bow.
Put the bow in the sheath and put it into one of the two channels.
The insert-element (optional) makes it easy to adapt the sheath to historical bows of varying length (photos coming soon).
An external neoprene soft cover acts as an extra impact, scratch and heat shield.
The BowCase can be securely attached to the Trinity ViolinCase using the strap on the top of the ViolinCase and the cotter pin attached to   at the rear end of the case. You can use the Soft Cover as well. You can open the ViolinCase without removing the BowCase.
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The detachable pockets (optional) offer space for a shoulder rest, Kensington retractable cable lock and other items (glasses, pencil etc).
With strings, rosin and humidifier/GPS inside the ViolinCase and the music pocket attached, you have all you need in this compact Trinity Tandem.  
You can also carry the BowCase on its own, using a  light shoulder strap (included).
The Trinity BowCase has several levels of opening-protection:
Bow compartments are closed with this specially developed stopper with slides and the security blockade.
The flip cover is there for your psychological comfort (and protecting the stopper)
Kingston retractable lock cable and our extra cotter-device (included) can be used to lock and secure both the Trinity BowCase and the Trinity ViolinCase to any fixed object.
The Trinity BowCase is in theory too long as carry-on baggage (although usually one can bring such a slender object onboard) but String King has devised the solution to this problem -  the BowCase is designed to be used as the handle of the wheeled suitcase, created specially for that purpose - the Trinity SuitCase.
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Some details and technical solutions may change before the launch of our products.

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