The Trinity SuitCase was created with the Trinity ViolinCase and BowCase in mind. It uses every millimeter of your baggage allowance. The stucture is rigid in some sections and elastic in others. It stands up straight and stable.
No wheels or thick bumbers stick out to eat up precious millimeters.
The Trinity ViolinCase is placed inside diagonally (head first)
Remaining space can be filled with concert clothes, shoes, other garments, toilet articles etc.
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The Trinity BowCase (without its soft cover) is used for leading the SuitCase.  Slide it into the channel, and connect both click ends.
You can order an optional handle. It    turns    around 360 degrees, which eliminates any strain to the BowCase and your hand when leading the SuitCase. You can hold it in a natural and comfortable hand position (which is not a case with ordinary suitcases). You have to be more careful though, when leading the SuitCase, as it overturns easier on an uneven surface. 
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You can lead the SuitCase (with the Trinity ViolinCase inside) through the gate at the airport like any other passenger.
Onboard  - Put the BowCase first in the overhead locker, as deep as possible (there is always an empty space), place the strap at the 90° angle, next to the SuitCase. After landing, take out the SuitCase first, then easily reach the strap and pull the BowCase out of its depths (no need of climbing on seats). Put the BowCase back into the channel of the SuitCase and  connect click ends.
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Computer (up to 13’’), electronics, liquids, documents etc. are easily accessible at the security control. Newspapers, books, scores etc. can also be placed in one of the large, expandable zippered pockets - practical for travel.
Trinity SuitCase is adjustable. Its basic size is 55 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm. By filling its expandable cover and side-pockets one can “blow it up” to the maximum size - 55x45x25. With Trinity SuitCase you can always fly with the luggage of largest size allowed by a specific airline.
The size restriction for cabin luggage vary between different airlines. Click HERE  or HERE to see. With the Trinity SuitCase you can always fly with hand luggage of the largest size allowed by a specific airline. When in 35 cm width format (the mimimum size), the contents of the ViolinCase may create small bulges in limited side-sections or at the top; you can choose where, to ensure you will pass the cage test). You can put the SuitCase into a 35cm wide cage at the airport and the small bulge will move so your suitcase will fit in, no matter which direction turned. At the most common 40 cm width nothing protrudes outside. The airlines with the minimum width of 35-36 cm (several American airlines, for instance) allow on the other hand thicker bags (23-25cm) so you can fill the top pockets of your SuitCase or expand the whole lid.
We use large, robust rollerblade wheels with metal bearings which should last forever, and are easily replaceable.
The result is a smooth and silent ride with damped vibrations.
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The wheels of normal suitcases are usually small and simple, which results in a jumpy and noisy ride and frequent mechanical problems after limited period of time (usually one can’t replace them either). We use large, robust and slightly suspended rollerblade wheels with metal bearings (which can withstand much greater forces). In a unlikely event of damage after years of use one can easily find a replacement in a sport equipment shop.

Recently there was some rumors about forbidding wheeled suitcases in Venice because of noise they create/produce. With Trinity SuiteCase it wouldn’t be a problem - it’s already Venice ready!
If you still feel uneasy about rolling the Trinity SuitCase with your violin inside on an uneven surface you can always carry the Violincase on your back and put it inside the SuitCase when you arrive at the airport. The floors there are always very smooth, so there is no risk of shaky ride. 
Trinity SuitCase with a traditional lid has 2 outer pockets large enough for a 13’’ computer and 2 inner net-pockets. The whole lid is expandable so you can vary the thickness of your SuitCase between 20 and 25 cm.
2 versions of Trinity SuitCase...
There are many internal compartments and the top pocket is expandable for extra space.
You can secure the Trinity SuitCase to any solid object (like a shelf in the train) in a similar way as 2 other cases of the Trinity Set - by using the same  Kensington Click-Safe Lock Wire(optional).
Simultaneously you can secure the BowCase - pull the Kensington lock wire through the loop and click it on the SuitCase. It is possible to secure even the entire Trinity Set.
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Length: 55 cm
Width: 35 - 45 cm
Thickness: 20-25 cm
Weight :  from 2,5 kg
Some details and technical solutions may change before the launch of our products.

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If you want to have even better suspension you can add our own Spring Suspension System (SSS).The wheels will damp vibrations a bit like in a car.
The Trinity BowCase (without its soft cover) is used for leading the SuitCase.
The detachable handle, with the  click strap permanently attached to it,  locks easily into the tip of the BowCase. 
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Trinity SuitCase with a detachable lid  is another unique solution by String King. You can detach the lid and turn it into a shoulder bag in seconds (the separate shoulder strap is provided). 
You can leave the SuitCase at the hotel and carry the bag with all the stuff you may need.  It’s great for every-day use.
There are many internal compartments and the top pocket is expandable for extra space.

Most of airlines allow a 2nd piece of cabin luggage. That means that you can detache the lid, fill all the pockets of the shoulder bag and place it under a seat in front of you. At the same time you can expand the top pocket of the SutiCase itself up to 25 cm/10 inches total thickness. It gives you plenty of extra valuable space for your stuff.