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Design & features..
Weight : from 1300 g
Total length: 62 cm
It accommodates violins of all
types and sizes:
up to 605 mm length
(without button)
and 215 mm width.
The smallest and probably strongest violin case in the world!  It’s as small as possible on the outside and as big as possible on the inside.
It fits into our cabin-size Trinity SuitCase
It accommodates violins of all types and sizes, up to 215mm width.
Interior version: Modern, Fabric: Gray standard felt, black leather details
The result is a somewhat asymmetric shape, and it is unlike any other case.
Trinity ViolinCase is made of hyper-modern composite materials, used commonly in the airplane industry, combined sometimes with natural jute fiber, or covered with genuine leather.
Layers of carbon and glass fibers, reinforced with a polyester core, are impregnated with resins in a laborious, highly technological process, done entirely by hand.
This sandwich structure is extremely resilient to any impact (the main cause of violin damages). Hardly any real-life accident can result in impacts as violent and persistent as those seen on this film.
Additional structural reinforcements support the vault and ensure a supreme side impact protection (from a bicycle accident, for instance): 2 interconnecting pillars on both sides of  a violin,  a full-height partition around the violin neck, virtually indestructible nylon hinges.
Internal click-lock mechanism prevents accidental opening. Press the cover down - you’ll hear a click.
Three strong rubber ropes with leather pullers keep the rubber seal tight together.
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Small leather handle on the side.
2 back straps are made from comfortable, antislip neoprene. We use a simple, comfortable and weight-saving strap attachment-solution, as used by professional photographers. Pull the strap-end through the opening in the foot, adjust to the desired length and secure by pulling through loop.
Interior version: Modern
Interior version: Modern, fabric: grey felt, leather details: black
Interior: classic, brown fleece, dark brown leather details
Interior version: Classic, dark red felt, light brown leather details
Reflective aluminum-bubble foil under the top-cover provides an extra sun-heat protection and, together with fabric layers, ensures stable internal conditions.
The hight of the suport pillow under the neck-foot is adjustable, and the neck rests on the suspended suport.
Interior version: Classic, dark red felt, light brown leather details
Suspension pillows and other small details, are covered with soft leather (or artificial material).
The inside is covered with soft, insulating and lightweight  fabric. Elastic pillows keep the instrument gently but firmly in place

There is space for extra strings, rosin and a humidifier or GPS-tracker. An optional music pocket is large enough even for big-size scores. 
It can be attached to the back of the ViolinCase .

The ViolinCase can also serve as a light but extremely strong transport protector when sending a violin with a courier etc.
When traveling with 2 instruments we now offer an alternative to dragging a big double-case with you: You can take your ordinary single violin/viola case, with all the bows inside, and carry your 2nd violin in the handy Trinity ViolinCase.

You can also use your entire Trinity Set (with a ViolinCase in the SuitCase) and carry an ordinary violin case (or another Trinity ViolinCase) on your back. 
Just click the lock cylinder onto the cotter-pin firmly anchored in the ViolinCase.  Of course you don't always need to use it; the case will still be securely closed.
We supply a laptop Kensington Click-Safe Lock (optional) with with the combination mechanism, which is perfectly adjusted for our needs.
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It prevents an unauthorized
opening and secures the whole case by
fixing it to a firm object.
It's quite impossible to break the lock itself or its anchor.
Now, with the Trinity ViolinCase you can stress less...
In a train - visit a toilet or take a nap. In a rehearsal - go out for a coffee.
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In short...
Trinity ViolinCase is extremely :
- light & small 
- strong & resilient
- insulating & watertight
- secure & lockable
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The composite shell can withstand substantial weight.
Carbon fiber is as strong and stiff as steel but much lighter. Glass fiber is elastic. These 2 materials joined together through our core material result in an extremely light and tough shell.
To open -pull the cotter pin
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Your violin is always close to you.
Some details and technical solutions may change before a delivery of your order.

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Click  to read more about carbon and glass fiber. (Link to Wikipedia).
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After the concert - have a few well-deserved drinks ;)
During a concert, in a dressing room - use it as a locker for personal valuables. 
fsk-in2 DSC_0454
Both a modern and baroque neck are well supported.
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That’s how it works
Interior version: Modern
Modern interior version:
sponge points, with soft leather on the top.
3D printed ”naked” neck partition.
Classic interior version:
sponge cushions and neck partition covered with soft leather.
More pictures of both version in Multimedia subpage.