Upgrade ViolinCase and get newest features!

This upgrade can be used for our primary versions of  the Trinity ViolinCase, similair to the one on this photo:



Upgrade range




BowCase to ViolinCase attachment upgrade.

You will be able to connect the BowCase and the ViolinCase without additional straps. We will mount additional parts in your old ViolinCase. This upgrade will allow to open the ViolinCase without removing the BowCase.  The attachement will be faster and simpler than with previous Strap System. The strap with click attachment is much more reliable too.


Parts replacement

Some of plastic parts (hooks for elastic rubbers) will be replaced with aluminium parts. Some new parts will be mounted.

Please note: Old parts will be removed and the holes will be masked with additional screws.

The outer lock will not be mounted.



If we notice any issues they will be fixed.


Trinity ViolaCase updates….

Order form is now available: click here

We prepared pdf file with printable template for Medium size:
Click here to download pdf file with printable Medium - size template.

We disovered that it is possible to place a Trinity shaped viola case inside a suitcase or bag of certain measurements and shapes, which are accepted by quite a few airlines. We are now preparing a similar viola case construction as our new Trinity ViolinCase2, which can be combined with our existing separate Trinity BowCase.
Trinity ViolaCase should be the smallest and lightest viola case on the market. It’ll be extremely protective and good looking and will offer the same smart features as its smaller violin sister.

Case sizes...
The Trinity ViolaCase we’ll be made in 3 different sizes:
1.    Small - for instruments up to 65 cm (25,6’’) total length
2.    Medium - for instruments up to 68 cm (26,7’’) total length and 43 cm (16,9’’) body length
Click here to download pdf file with printable Medium - size template.

3.   Large - for instruments up to 72 cm (28,30’’) total length and 43 cm (16,9’’) body length
The Trinity ViolaCase can be placed in at least one of 3 cabin size bags of different type (depending on instrument’s size), allowed by some airlines, which we are going to offer as well.
A cabin size viola bag can’t be as narrow as 35 cm (13,8’’) of our Violin size SuitCase, which works for all the airlines, but there are some other methods of hiding/concealing a Trinity ViolaCase:
A Small Trinity ViolaCase can be placed in a suitcase without wheels, which you can bring onboard of many airlines using the “linear dimensions principle” (length + width + high = 114-118 cm or 44,9-46,5 inch). These are:
Delta Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Air Lines, Quantas, Singapore Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Air New Zealand, TAM Airlines, South African Airways.
We have already the prototype of this bag with measurements 56x45x15 cm (22x17.7x5.9 inches).
It can be used as well for bringing 1 or even 2 Trinity ViolinCases onboard.
You have to carry your BowCase separately (but soon we’ll have a clever solution for bringing them onboard unnoticed as well).

A Small and Medium size Trinity ViolaCase can be placed in a wheeled suitcase with measurements 56x45x25 cm (21.2 x 17.7 x 9.8 inch), which is allowed in following airlines:
Easy Jet, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, El Al, Thai Airways, Jet 2, Level, Philippine Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines.
This Trinity Viola SuitCase will have a channel and the detachable handle for The Trinity BowCase, so you can “drive-in” onboard with the whole set (exactly like with Trinity Violin Travel Set).  
A Small, Medium and Large size Trinity ViolaCase can be placed in a “foldable garment bag” (used for carrying a business/concert suits). We are preparing such a garment bag, which looks like an original from outside, but it’s empty inside, with space enough for your Trinity ViolaCase and many other necessary items.
The measurements of this bag are 57 x 54 x 15 cm (22,4 x 21,25 x 5,9 inches). It will have a pocket for the Trinity BowCase too. Airlines which allow such a bag are: Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Swiss
So, depending on the size of your viola and airlines you use most frequently you can choose one or more bags, which we are going to provide.
You can, of course, carry the Trinity ViolaCase on your back, together with 1 or 2 Trinity BowCases and all the other Trinity accessories.
It will take several more weeks until we have such a Trinity ViolaCase ready and we’ll start with medium size, which will fit in a wheeled Trinity Viola SuitCase (no. 2). That will be a big improvement already.
Here you can see pictures of our Trinity ViolaCase model in progress inside the prototype of the small cabin size Viola Suitcase, without wheels. As you can see there is a lot of space around for other things you may need on tour. You can carry it on your shoulder.

We will provide a preorder form soon.


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