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1. Trinity ViolinCase
Neoprene shoulder straps, rosin pouch and string pocket are included
ViolinCase model
ViolinCase outside surface
Outside leather details
Trinity Basic ViolinCase is cheaper version of our TrinityCase. It is made of ABS plastic and partially reinforced with carbon fibres. The Neoprene Soft Cover is included in the price. Read more here  (new window will open).
Interior version
Inside leather details
Inside fabric
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Anti-Theft System - 35 EUR (+VAT)
Music Score Pocket - 9 Euro (+ VAT) ?
It’s large enough, even for extra large-size scores. It can be attached to the back of the ViolinCase.  Strong polyester fabric
STRETTO  Classic Humidifier 19.84 Euro (+ Vat)
Soft Case for Trinity ViolinCase & 1 or 2 Trinity BowCases
Soft Case for 2 Trinity ViolinCases & 2 BowCases  - 62.00 EUR (+VAT)

2. Trinity BowCase
2 bow-sheaths & thin shoulder strap (for carrying the BowCase on its own) are included.
BowCase Model
BowCase surface finish
Soft Neoprene Cover -  for attachment to the ViolinCase & for extra heat/impact protection - 14 Euro (+ VAT)
Accessory Pocket for the BowCase-small (for carrying Kensington Wire Lock, etc.) - 7 Euro (+ VAT)
Accessory Pocket for the BowCase -  large (for carrying shoulder rest, etc.) -  10 Euro (+ VAT)
Bow Sheaths Adaptors for (shorter) historical bows - 1 pair - upgrade- 10 Euro (+ VAT)
Accessory Pocket for the BowCase - Extra Large Accessory Pocket-  15 Euro (+ VAT)

3. Trinity Suit Case
detachable handle (for leading the SuitCase) is included. The SuitCase is prepared for the backpack straps.
Suitcase version
SuitCase Color
Wheel Suspension
Backpack straps- for carrying the whole SuitCase on your back - 18 Euro (+ VAT)
Handle for the BowCase (necessary for leading the SuitCase)
Extra bag

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