ViolaCase Large

Weight : from 1600g


Maximum possible size of viola:

Total Length: 

78 cm (30.7")

Body Length: 46 cm (18.1'')

Upper bout: 24.5cm (9.65'')

Lower bout: 28.7 cm (11.30'')

With 2 bows inside.

560,00 EUR

(outside European Union) 

688,80 EUR

(VAT 23% included,  European Union countries)


Trinity ViolaCase Large is made of hyper-modern composite materials, used commonly in the airplane industry.

Layers of carbon and glass fibers, reinforced with a polyester core, are impregnated with resins in a laborious, highly technological process, done entirely by hand.

Carbon fiber is as strong and stiff as steel but much lighter. Glass fiber and jute fiber are elastic. These materials joined together through our core material result in an extremely light and tough shell. Carbon fiber shell (with glass fiber and polyester core beneath) is lightest and stiffest.

The Trinity Large ViolaCase can accommodate violas of all sizes. 2 bows are placed inside in a unique way  - under an instrument. 

If your instrument is smaller you can add an extra thick side padding and sponge points (included)

You can precisely adjust the support under the neck-foot, in length and  height,   to your instrument. You can  quickly change it for carrying another viola inside.

Placing of 2 bows is rather unique - under an instrument. Magnetic wings, functioning as a soft viola support too, cover the frogs. Both tips slide into 2 pockets. No hard surface touches your bow and there is no danger of it falling on the top of your viola. Thanks to this unusual placing we could shape the top cover very areaodynamically.