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All 3 parts of the set can be used independently or in different combinations. You can carry your violin in the small and light, yet extremely protective Trinity ViolinCase, with the Trinity BowCase attached to it. But the real miracle happens when you ascend to the sky and all cases unite into the Trinity SuitCase and become ONE.
This is the main purpose of the Trinity Set – to transport your violin and bows safely through the check-in procedure, without any discussions with flight personnel and the airline's one-piece-cabin-luggage-only -policy, buying extra seats etc. Just wheel it onboard, without anybody noticing that you are even travelling with an instrument! 
The Trinity SuitCase also gives you plenty of space for your documents, computer, book, cosmetics, music, concert clothes and shoes. All that in one piece of cabin luggage of an adjustable size, within the size limits of virtually all the airlines. No need to check-in your computer, and no risk of standing on a concert podium without your concert dress.
Trinity - it’s a match made for heaven!

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code: VAL010

Model: Viola Case Large

Car Painted RAL 3005



condtition: new


Instant shipment, a bit heavier than normal weight

Unique model with special discount



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